July subscriptions are now closed. Open for August subscriptions.


The First 100 new members gets a copy of Every Day Is Winter Here from K.C.U.F. on black, which is exclusive to the club, only 100 pressed.

What's the deal with this service?

Each month, members get at least one LP record. With the price inflation on vinyl since 2020, it is difficult to send out more than one record for the price of the subscription, but that’s not to say members may not get an extra EP or 7-inch, should the price and availability line up. Members will never receive an EP or 7-inch in lieu of a full-length record.


Will I know what I am getting?

Nope. That’s how it goes. One of the best parts of being a member of the record club is the mystery and surprise at what you get. If you’re new to record club subscriptions, you’ll find there is no better feeling than putting on an album that you know nothing about, and it bangs.


What if I think the first one sucks?

Trev took the curation part of this straight out of Mark’s book. A lot of sounds fall under the punk rock umbrella. The sequencing of selections for each month is like the sequencing of a set-list or an album; it has ups and downs in energy and tempo. Trev will do his best to hit every aspect of the “genre.”


Why haven’t I heard of a lot of these bands?

The point to the record club is that members aren’t going to get national act’s mainstream albums. Members will be introduced and exposed to the best music local and/or independent communities have to offer. This record subscription service is for the new collector just as much as it is for the seasoned collector.


When do you ship?

Vinyl usually ships on or before the 15th of each month. Sometimes there are hang ups in delivery and supplies. Members will be notified if there are any delays.


What if I don't live in the United States?

If you don't live in the US, send Trev a message on the contact us page and he will provide information on shipping rates. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping outside of the US will be higher and not worth joining. 


What kinds of membership options are there?

Members can sign up for single or multiple month options, as well as for the year. Members will receive a renewal reminder as their subscription expiration date approaches.

Why should anyone trust you?

Mark Lind trusts Trev, so you should, too. But seriously, Trev is a music lover, and his podcast is built around the music and bands he loves. Check out any episode streaming everywhere if you need credentials.


What if I want to cancel?

Members can cancel at any time; however, the subscription will end at the time of renewal.


What if you send me something I already have?

Trev is committed to providing fresh, new music from artists who aren’t receiving mainstream attention. He will not be sending out any albums that have previously been shipped through the Get-Punk Record Club. Members who receive a vinyl they already own are encouraged to spread the music and gift the album to a friend. Should this happen more than once during the subscription period, members should reach out to Trev via the contact us page.


Why is the name changing from Get-Punk Record Club to The Struggling Artist Record Club?

It’s simple. Get-punk is Mark Lind’s brand and business, and The Struggling Artist is Trev’s. Other than the name change, Trev intends to continue to run the record club as Mark has, including the letter
that accompanies each month’s selection.