July subscriptions are now closed. Open for August subscriptions.


In 2017, legendary Boston street-punk pioneer Mark Lind started the Get-Punk Record Club, a vinyl record subscription service coinciding with his already established online record store Get-Punk.com. The goal of the club was to get the hidden gems of the independent music community to the masses. Each month, Mark carefully handpicked and curated albums he felt would provide subscribers a
pleasurable listening experience, and hopefully turn them onto new artists and sounds.

Trev Allen, host of The Struggling Artist Podcast, embarked on his journey into collecting vinyl records as one of the original members of the Get-Punk Record Club. As an early subscriber, Trev was instantly hooked by the music he was receiving. Not only was he hearing new bands for the first time – bands
that he would grow to love – but he was also supporting a small business by beginning his collection
with great music.

When The Struggling Artist Podcast relaunched in 2020 with more of a focus on music, Trev began reaching out to many of the bands whose records he received through the record club to be guests on the show. So, it is no stretch to say that without Mark Lind’s idea of getting amazing independent music
out to the masses, it is quite possible that The Struggling Artist Podcast would not exist. Over the years, Mark and Trev developed friendship and business relationship that has involved sponsorships, podcast production, and more.

That brings us to today.
Recently, Mark has felt that the record club needs some new blood behind the proverbial steering wheel to drive it in the direction he has always envisioned but no longer has the time to give his full attention. Knowing Trev’s love for music and vinyl records – and it didn’t hurt that he was an OG member of the Get-Punk Record Club – Mark knew Trev would be the perfect successor to take the reins. After many discussions and lots of questions, Trev accepted this mission with full confidence, understanding, and
motivation to keeping the record club alive and well.

The First 100 new members gets a copy of Every Day Is Winter Here from K.C.U.F. on black, which is exclusive to the club, only 100 pressed.


Why is the name changing from Get-Punk Record Club to The Struggling Artist Record Club?

It’s simple. Get-punk is Mark Lind’s brand and business, and The Struggling Artist is Trev’s. Other than the name change, Trev intends to continue to run the record club as Mark has, including the letter
that accompanies each month’s selection.


Closing statement from Trev:

My goal is to continue to provide the subscription service with the same heart and soul that current members of the record club are accustomed to. If you know me personally, have listened to The Struggling Artist Podcast, or just found the subscription service through the Googles, you can see I am  a music lover trying to keep a good thing going. As corny as it may sound, Mark built a community through the Get-Punk Record Club, and it deserves to stay alive and well. This is all for the love of music. I am happy and excited to continue this journey with you.